Hi, I'm Joe.


I am English, 23, and I enjoy travelling, taking photos, spotting wildlife, eating corn flakes, designing stuff, playing piano and I ate my first broccoli in January 2017.


I was 8 when I first picked up a camera whilst on a family camping trip in the New Forest. Late one evening, I envisioned an epic shot of the moon bursting through fog-shrouded trees, the tent a glowing beacon in the foreground. I grabbed my Dad's pukka Fujifilm digital camera with a huge 2.4mp and took the worst photo that had ever been taken. Nevertheless, a passion ignited that had progressed into a full-blown obsession by 13.


Wildlife and nature has always, since day 0, been of huge fascination to me, so I photographed that and only that. I spent hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, cycling to lakes and forests to chasing butterflies, stalking deer and taming birds just to capture a cool new shot.

I was so nerdy that I can vividly remember the moment I was first able to capture enough detail on a dragonfly's eye to see one of the thousands of individual lenses!


It was all I did for 5 straight years, day and night, rain and shine, until other things took priority, ie. clubbing.


My second obsession arrived with the move of my family to far-flung Singapore - the economical heart of tropical Southeast Asia and a melting pot of languages, traditions, food and cultures.

With a flurry of inspiration my photography finally began to diversify. Suddenly, I enjoyed capturing cities, landscapes and even people!

Enthralled by so many new cultures, scenery and life, I unwittingly embarked on 7 year long, ongoing ambition to see and photograph as much of our incredible planet as I could.


So far in this pursuit I have travelled extensively around 27 countries and three continents, from the Arctic circle to the equator, covering well over 150,000 miles by plane, train, campervan, car, boat, bicycle, ski and foot.

This has produced something in the region of 100,000 photos from my poor camera, the most interesting of which I will try and find the time to display on this website.


Please get in touch if you have any questions, requests or feedback of any kind.


Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy looking at my photos!