Australia is vast. 60 times more vast in fact than England and a 4 hour jet flight from one side to the other.
Almost the size of a continent, it features a climate to match. The North is hot and humid packed with wetlands, rainforests and grassland and teeming with giant Crocodiles, prehistoric looking Cassowaries and an endless array of insects. Travel southwards and in central Australia you will find a deep red region void of anything other than small coarse shrubs with summer temperatures exceeding 45C and humidity readings at virtually 0%. The mid-East is a land of cloudy mountains and dense forest, bordered by stunning white-sand beaches, home to Platypi, Emus and Kangaroos. The Southeast is mountainous region of forest and plains edged by rugged coastline battered by an ocean that lies unbroken all the way to Antarctica. Western Australia is a massive region, sparsely populated (92% of inhabitants live in the SW corner), and a biodiversity hotspot.

This is a place overflowing with adventure, culture and life.